8-Inch MEMS Processing at Micralyne

Are you looking for the most affordable path to 8 inch wafer processing?

While our core focus is developing solutions on 6″ wafers, Micralyne has a number of strategic alliances in place, giving us the capability to work on your behalf to develop your MEMS solution on 8″ wafers. We’ll provide the same high-level process, integration knowledge and creative approach that our customers have come to expect from our 6″ wafer process to develop a brilliant 8 inch solution for you.

This collaboration with our 8″ fabs combines Micralyne’s proven skills in brilliant MEMS design, processing, and manufacturing integration with our partners’ advanced technology development and engineering expertise. Through our combined strengths we are able to provide complete MEMS foundry services on 6″ and 8″ wafer processing.

Micralyne’s 8-inch processing partnership gives you access to the following:

  • One point of entry for 8″ wafer process development and volume manufacturing
  • An extensive equipment set and strong heritage of technology commercialization and engineering expertise
  • Unique capabilities like atomic layer deposition and advanced lithography
  • The ability to prototype and manufacture innovative 8″ wafer solutions faster

With over 25 years of MEMS processing experience, Micralyne has the resources to drive your company’s growth and get your products to market quickly.

Please contact Micralyne for 8″ wafer processing.