Who We Are

Micralyne is one of the largest independent MEMS foundries in the world.

As a MEMS-industry innovator and leader, we offer unparalleled product development and commercial volume manufacturing.

We provide whatever our clients need, from creative inspiration to repeatable manufacturing processes. With core competencies in process integration, fabrication and manufacturing, we develop and manufacture custom MEMS technologies for many diverse market applications. Our customers come from diverse markets including telecommunications, energy, life sciences, automotive, aerospace and defense markets. If you need a custom MEMS solution, we can help you get to market, no matter what your application.

Our mission: to help make our customers successful by delivering unmatched MEMS foundry services.

Our promise is to radically improve the quality of our customers’ products by making them smaller, faster and more efficient. We achieve this by constantly building on our MEMS development experience, manufacturing maturity, flexibility, innovation, employment environment, and ability to fabricate brilliant MEMS devices for our customers.

We are everywhere, quietly changing lives.

Micralyne’s micron-scale solutions are found in MEMS sensors for automotive control systems, optical switching technology in telecommunication networks, lab-on-a-chip devices for drug discovery, and precise measurement devices for oil and gas exploration.

You can trust our history of success.

Our MEMS foundry has provided innovative solutions to over 300 companies since 1982. Many of our customers have been with us for more than a decade. Their confidence and trust in Micralyne results from our excellent responsiveness and our brilliant MEMS solutions.

Operating from a state-of-the-art, 55,000-square-foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Micralyne serves companies around the world. Our clients trust us to develop and fabricate their mission-critical MEMS components and bring their products to market. Contact Us today to find out what we can do for you.

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