Market demand for accurate and cost-effective gas sensing devices continues to grow. The wide variety of gas sensing applications are largely driven by health and safety considerations, biological research, industrial control devices and other diverse use cases.

Several MEMS capabilities developed by Micralyne enable a wide range of sensing gases including argon, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen and sulphur dioxide.  Critical Structures and Processes include:

  • Metal Oxide Process Platform
  • Micro-Heater Structures
    • Platinum Thin Films
    • Refractory Metals
  • Micro-Channel Structures
    • Glass and Silicon
  • Nickel Thin Films
    • High TCR
  • Membranes
    • Silicon and Dielectric
  • Suspended Structures
    • Silicon and Metal


Micralyne Advantage

From business and IP strategy to final product, Micralyne consults and collaborates with customers to develop and manufacture robust gas sensors that are stable over time and meet the stringent drift specifications required by industrial and medical applications.

Most processes required for gas sensors take advantage of a wide set of metal and alloy deposition capabilities available at Micralyne. Our experience includes manufacturing gas sensors with optical and IR sensing mechanisms and several specialized metal and chemical coatings.

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