GLAD – Nano-Engineered Thin Films

Glancing Angle DepositionGLancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) for the creation of GLAD thin films combines physical vapor deposition with computer-controlled substrate motion to create GLAD nano thin films with engineered nanostructures. These nanostructures can be engineered with features, such as film thickness, porosity, and geometry.

Developed using patented technologies at the University of Alberta, Glancing Angle Deposition broadens your choice of materials. Potential applications of GLAD thin films include:

  • high surface electrodes
  • chromatographic media for separations
  • solar cells
  • structural alignment (LCOS, SERS)
  • biosensors for medical diagnostics
  • humidity sensor
  • photonic crystals

Depending on your needs, GLAD thin films can be engineered to create unique properties for:

  • Light manipulation
  • Molecular manipulation
  • Mechanical response
  • Electronic field manipulation
  • Protective properties
  • Chemical and electrochemical interaction
  • Accessible surface area

Micralyne Proprietary GLAD Technology

With 10 years of development expertise, Micralyne offers its proprietary GLAD deposition of nano thin films, giving you established patent protection. A variety of post-processing techniques, such as functionalization, template inversion, and electroplating, are available. Film thicknesses range from 100’s of nm to 10’s of ?m.

GLAD thin film is available at early stage development through to volume manufacturing.This technology can be combined with MEMS processing and MEMS packaging techniques.

Please contact us to find out if GLAD might be the technology for your product requirements.

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