Living in Edmonton

edmontonA beautiful city full of energy and life.

Micralyne is located in Edmonton, Alberta, a vibrant city that offers an amazing quality of life and low cost of living. The City of Edmonton is a thriving centre for business, enjoying the most stable economy in Canada with the lowest income tax rates. Edmonton’s river valley is one of the largest urban parks in the world, and the city has excellent local amenities along with access to the Rocky Mountains for weekend getaways.

With one of the best primary and post-secondary educational systems in North America, Edmonton is home to the University of Alberta, one of the largest and top-ranked universities in Canada. The U of A has a growing international reputation and collaborates with Micralyne on a number of research and technology development projects.

Alberta also has a growing world-class research infrastructure including:

These endowments fund basic research in the province, which in turn lead to ongoing commercialization opportunities for Alberta companies such as Micralyne. Learn more about working at Micralyne.

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