Optical MEMS for Communications Market

communicationsCompanies targeting the communications industry work with Micralyne to develop innovative MEMS optical products for wireline, wireless, and broadband applications. With the introduction of next generation telecommunication services, emerging MEMS solutions will redefine markets.

The majority of Micralyne’s work in the communications field is related to optical MEMS devices for telecommunications that use light as the primary transmission medium. These miniature MEMS components in telecommunication networks significantly improve the efficiency of passing signals between transmitters, which removes existing bottlenecks in high traffic areas and improves quality over long distances.

Optical MEMS Technology

Because MEMS optical technology enables components that are cost effective smaller, faster and well suited for variable optical attenuators, transceivers and receivers.

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MEMS optical technology enables components and subsystems for the Agile Optical Network. We can help you with:

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