BioMEMS for Life Sciences Market

life-sciencesMicralyne serves several aspects of the life sciences industry which encompasses activities in drug discovery, drug delivery, food processing, environment, and all biomedical technologies. Society is demanding better and more effective life science products to improve long-term health. Utilizing MEMS technology facilitates the commercialization of new technologies which represent next generation products. Micralyne’s 30-year track record of manufacturing success provides customers the confidence they need to move their innovations successfully to market.

BioMEMS and Microfluidics Technology

Micralyne develops and manufactures MEMS and microfluidic components for commercial bio-analytical instrumentation, miniaturized medical devices for drug dispensing, and point of care diagnostics. The most common application areas for BioMEMS in life sciences include drug delivery, genetic analysis, proteomics and drug discovery, including high-throughput screening.

Find out how Micralyne’s BioMEMS product development can bring your device to the life sciences market.

Typical Life Science Applications

  • Premier sensors
  • Drug Dispensing
  • Micro Needles
  • Micro Valves
  • Microfluidic Arrays

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