MEMS Assembly & Packaging

MEMS packaging & assemblyMicralyne utilizes a variety of technologies to assemble and package a wide range of customer products. From MEMS bioanalytical and commercial printing component assemblies to MEMS optical component subassemblies, Micralyne has the expertise, experience and tool-set to successfully assemble most MEMS-based products. MEMS assembly capabilities include:

Wire Bonding

  • High speed automatic wedge Aluminum/Gold deep access
  • Wire bonding equipped with PRS
  • Wire size capability from 17 – 75 microns
  • Substrate size up to 200 mm X 150 mm
  • Position repeatability +/- 3 microns typically
  • Multi-chip, multi-module wire bonding capability
  • Wire bonding capability from dice to package and dice to sub-mount
  • Packaging capabilities include flex cables, mounting substrates, packages compatible with optical technologies


  • Standard silicon dicing 4″ & 6″
  • Quartz dicing
  • Standard glass dicing up to 6″
  • Silicon/Glass stacked dicing
  • Glass/Glass stacked dicing
  • Alumina dicing

Micralyne also offers other customized MEMS assembly capabilities. Please contact us for more information.