MEMS Development

MEMS DevelopmentYou have the vision. We have the know how.

You’re going where no one has gone before and you need a solution to get you there. We’re experts at MEMS development, with a proven track record of success, talented people, extensive equipment, and wide-ranging fabrication capabilities.

If you’re breaking new ground and want cutting-edge MEMS technology and processes, talk to us.

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Collaborative MEMS Development

An integrated approach to MEMS development is the key to your success, and ours. From design to prototyping to manufacturing, we work with you to ensure your products meet end-user needs and get to market on time and on budget.

Our multi-faceted engineering team has the experience and knowledge to design and develop innovative fabrication processes for a variety of industry applications. Engineers work closely with our operations staff in the same facility to address design-for-manufacturing issues before they become costly. With Micralyne, potential transfer-to-manufacturing roadblocks, cost reductions, and quality improvement strategies are identified early in the process, saving you time and money.

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