MEMS Lithography

MEMS lithography is another core area of expertise at Micralyne.
We offer non-contact and contact lithography with the following features and high levels of accuracy:

Contact 1:1 Lithography

  • Minimum features: 1 μm (vacuum contact mode)
  • 3 μm (proximity mode)
  • Alignment accuracy: 1 μm (front side align)
  • 3 μm (front to back side align)

Stepper 5:1  Lithography

  • Minimum features: 0.5 μm
  • Alignment accuracy: 0.1 μm

Track Coaters/Developers

Resist Thicknesses for Positive and Negative Resists

  • 1um to 50um

Special Processing

Contact us to learn more about our MEMS Lithography expertise.