MEMS Technologies

The future starts now with technologies that bring your visions to life.

Micralyne’s technology provides microfabrication processes for whatever devices and products you’re pioneering. We offer several standard products and product families, as well as microfluidic devices and custom microfabrication of custom MEMS devices.

MEMS Technology Capabilities

Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)

Micralyne’s µSilQ™ reduces the footprint of physical die and allows electrical connections to be formed inside the die cavity. Learn More »

Through Silicon Via (TSV)

Reduce die footprints and enable electrical connections through your wafers with Micralyne’s TSV (through silicon via) and engineered substrate. Learn More »

Die Level Packaging

Micralyne performs Die Level Packaging for MEMS devices with capabilities including wirebonding, hermetic sealing, and electrical testing in low noise environment. Learn More »

Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB)

Micralyne custom designs and manufactures application-specific Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB) Systems that serve as a platform for highly integrated optical components. Learn More »

Spatial Light Valve (SLV)

A linear array of optical switch elements offering high speed and high throughput. Control micro-optics and get exceptional switching speed with the high-performance Spatial Light Valve. Learn More »

Gold-Tin (AuSn) Solder Electroplating

Micralyne offers a patented process for electroplating of AuSn solder alloy, at compositions from 10 to 40 Sn (wt%). AuSn solder electroplating lowers your production costs while giving more control over thickness. Learn More »

GLAD Thin Films

Micralyne’s patented GLancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) technology lets you create highly structured thin films from a wide range of materials and allow you to create unique properties in a variety of areas, such as light manipulation and molecular manipulation. Learn More »

Advanced MEMS Comb Drives

Achieve the cost benefits of lower operating voltages and better electrostatic comb drive linear performance with Micralyne’s advanced comb drives. Learn More »

Micragem™ – SOI MEMS

A standardized process platform for SOI-based fabrication with a set of design and process guidelines that can be used to standardize manufacturing for a number of different types of MEMS components. Learn More »

Microfluidic Chips

From the simplest to the most complex projects, Micralyne designs and fabricates microfluidic chips in a variety of formats and materials. Microfluidic chips are ideally suited to a wide variety of chemical and biochemical analyses. Learn More »

Novel Material Processing

Some materials enable designers to achieve your goals without sacrifice—until you discover they can’t be processed. Micralyne provides novel material processing for unique materials specific to the MEMS industry so you can use the materials that work for your products. Learn More »