MEMS Test & Characterization

At Micralyne, we know that MEMS manufacturing is only successful if your requirements are met.

Micralyne provides customer configuration of MEMS product assemblies and implements custom testing systems unique to each customer. We also offer in-house process engineering services for the development and improvement of MEMS assembly and test processes. This maximizes yields and efficiency giving you a lower cost and a higher quality product.

MEMS Test & Characterization Capabilities:

  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) with x-ray analysis
  • Thin film stress measurement with thermal cycling capability
  • Line width measurement
  • Sheet resistance measurement
  • Optical profiler using white light interferometry
  • Surface profilers
  • Film thickness measurements
  • CV measurements
  • Wire bond pull test
  • Electrical test – probe station
  • Automated visual inspection
  • Real time measure and data acquisition

Contact us to learn more about our MEMS test and characterization capabilities.