The NanoFab

nanofabThe NanoFab is an open access micro and nano fabrication research facility. Their mission is to provide the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for their user community to achieve their research goals. The NanoFab’s open access policy provides anyone with access to a one of a kind facility where users have control of their own processing.

With approximately $27,000,000 worth of micro and nano fabrication equipment and infrastructure, the NanoFab’s instruments represent the state of the art in optical mask generation, electron beam lithography, PVD, LPCVD and PECVD deposition of thin films, deep Si etch processes and micro and nano embossing. With their dedicated staff of 11 for training and on-site technical assistance for process development, the NanoFab is an unparalleled Canadian facility for cutting edge micro and nano fabrication research and development.

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