Micralyne and Cascade Microtech Unveil New L-Series Microfluidic Products at ICMENS Conference

August 09, 2005

L-Series Microfluidic Product - Micralyne & Cascade Microtech

Edmonton, Alberta, August 9, 2005 – In partnership with Cascade Microtech, Micralyne recently unveiled the L-Series microfluidic product line from Cascade Microtech at the ICMENS conference in Banff, Alberta July 24-27th. The L-Series comprises powerful new microfluidic interface, micro-positioning and microscope products and includes Micralyne’s Programmable HV Power Supply and microfluidic chips.

The L-Series products are designed to provide experimental flexibility to the microfluidics researcher. Microports™, the chip reservoir interface products, are available in three configurations: EBP Microports provide an electrical connection, MFP Microports provide a fluidic connection, and MFP-HV provide both an electrical and fluidic connection to the chip reservoir. Instrumentation products include micro-positioning components, chip platforms and microscope stations. These new products have been designed to work together with Micralyne’s microfluidic chips and Programmable HV Power Supply for flexible electrophoresis-based on-chip experimentation.

Four L-Series system bundles, ranging from entry level to fully featured packages, are now available and include:

“We believe that the new products offered together by Micralyne and Cascade will be an attractive set of tools that offer a powerful solution for the microfluidics research community,” said Chris Lumb, President & CEO of Micralyne. “Microports™ and the L-Series instrumentation will enable new simultaneous pressure- and electric field-driven chip operations to be performed.”

About Cascade Microtech
Cascade Microtech, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCD) is a worldwide leader in the precise electrical measurement and test of integrated circuits (ICs) and other small structures. For technology businesses and scientific institutions who need to evaluate small structures, Cascade Microtech delivers access to, and extraction of, electrical data from wafers, integrated circuits (ICs) IC packages, circuit boards and modules, MEMS, biological structures, electro-optic devices and more. For semiconductor manufacturers doing production test, Cascade Microtech delivers leading-edge probe cards that reduce manufacturing costs of complex semiconductors. www.cmicro.com

About Micralyne
Micralyne develops and manufactures microfabricated and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems)-based products. Micralyne is one of the largest independent companies in the world that manufactures MEMS in high volumes. MEMS technology is built on the premise of making industrial components smaller, faster and less expensive and facilitates radical improvements in the miniaturization of electronic and mechanical devices. These types of devices are used in many industries including communications, automotive, aerospace, and life sciences. More specifically, Micralyne’s micron-scale solutions (i.e. 1000 microns = 1 millimetre) are found in automotive emission sensors, optical switching technology in telecommunication networks, lab-on-a-chip devices for drug discovery, and commercial press equipment for printing today’s most popular magazines. Micralyne is a profitable and growing company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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