Microsystems Innovation: Hingeless Design for 90° Out-of-Plane Microstructures Wins Micralyne Award

December 05, 2006

Mr. See-Ho Tsang with Chris Lumb

Edmonton, Alberta, December 5, 2006 – Micralyne Inc., one of the world’s largest independent MEMS manufacturers, is pleased to announce Mr. See-Ho Tsang from Simon Fraser University has won the annual Microsystems Design Award for 2006, sponsored by Micralyne. Supervised by Professor Ash Parameswaran, Mr. Tsang has developed a novel design for the automated assembly of hingeless 90-degree out-of-plane microstructures, which are used in numerous applications for on-chip optics and RF systems. The award, valued at $3,000, was presented to Mr. Tsang on October 24th at the CMC Microsystems 2006 Annual Symposium in Ottawa.

The Micralyne Microsystems Design Award is granted to a university researcher or post graduate student who demonstrates the most novel and industrially-relevant research results in the areas of microsystems including MEMS, microfluidics, materials research and system-related developments. This competition is targeted at microsystems applications including telecommunications, health care, automobile, aerospace, environment and more. The competition welcomes projects using unique substrates, materials, and structures, as well as other traditional and non-traditional microsystems research.
One of the main benefits of Tsang’s novel design is its hingeless feature. The creation of hinges is limited to multilayer processes; designs using hinged structures cannot be used in single layer processes. These hinges are susceptible to mechanical jamming, which reduces the yield of assembled structures. With a hingeless design, yields can be improved reducing the amount of fabrication defects.

“Every year we look forward to supporting MEMS development research taking place in universities across Canada,” said Chris Lumb, President of Micralyne. “With this support, we hope researchers are able to further develop their MEMS technology and be able to expose their novel ideas on an international scale.”

“CMC is proud to support researchers who increase Canada’s competitiveness in microsystems,” said Jim Roche, President and CEO of CMC. “We need highly qualified people like Mr. Tsang to grow microsystems companies, to develop new applications for all sectors of our economy, and to contribute to advancements in microsystems research and technology development.”For more details on the Microsystems Design Award and the judging criteria please viewwww.cmc.ca/news/awards.

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Micralyne is one of the world’s largest independent MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) foundries. As an industry leader, Micralyne offers unparalleled MEMS product development and commercial volume manufacturing. Due to a unique blend of highly responsive service from a knowledgeable team and a track record of manufacturing success, customers trust Micralyne to bring their product to market. MEMS technology is built on the premise of making industrial components smaller, faster and less expensive. Micralyne’s micron-scale solutions (i.e. 1000 microns = 1 millimetre) are found in automotive sensors for control systems, lab-on-a-chip devices for drug discovery, optical switching technology in telecommunication networks, and precise measurement devices for oil and gas exploration. These types of devices are used in many industries including the communications, transportation, energy, and life sciences markets. Micralyne is a fast-growing company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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