Micralyne Sponsored Graduate Student Wins “Best Student Paper Award”

August 23, 2006

Edmonton, Alberta, August 23, 2006 – Micralyne Inc. announced today that NSERC industrial postgraduate student, Nasim Morawej, has won the Best Student Paper Award for 2006 decided by the Board of Directors and Technical Program Committee for the International Conference on Compound Semiconductor MANufacturing TECHnology (CS MANTECH). Working under Professor Douglas G. Ivey at the University of Alberta, and Project Manager, Dr. Siamak Akhlaghi at Micralyne, Nasim’s award winning paper discusses “Improvements in the Process for Electrodeposition of Gold-tin Alloys”.

Gold-tin eutectic solder is widely used in the optoelectronics and microelectronics industries for packaging applications. The solder has high thermal fatigue resistance in addition to excellent thermal properties. An electroplating process has been developed at Micralyne in collaboration with the University of Alberta, to deposit gold-tin alloys from a single, non-cyanide, and slightly acidic bath onto metallized semiconductor substrates. The eutectic phases, Au5-Sn and Au-Sn, are deposited sequentially and reproducibly to produce an artificial eutectic structure.

The award winning paper reveals that solution composition is the most influential in controlling electrolyte lifetime and plating rate. Nasim has been involved in the process of improving this electrodeposition of gold-tin alloys at Micralyne as part of the NSERC industrial postgraduate scholarship toward her MSc. degree in Materials Engineering. Throughout her research project, Nasim worked on determining the factors influencing the electrolyte lifetime and electrodeposition rates of gold-tin alloys. She also utilized statistical design of experiment methods to further improve the overall performance of the electrodeposition process. In the past year, Nasim has also worked as a contractor on a number of gold-tin projects at Micralyne.

The award will be presented to Nasim at the 2007 MANTECH Conference in Austin, Texas, from May 14-17, 2007. For more information on Micralyne and its gold-tin solder process visit theGold-tin (AuSn) Solder Electroplating product offering page.

Read more about Nasim Morawej’s paper “Improvements in the Process for Electrodeposition of Au-Sn Alloys“.

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