Micralyne and SVTC Technologies to Collaborate on 8-inch MEMS Development and Manufacturing

March 24, 2009

Combined capabilities provide cost effective solution for 8-inch MEMS development & manufacturing

Edmonton, Alberta, March 24, 2009
– Micralyne Inc., a leading independent MEMS developer and manufacturer, has announced plans to collaborate with SVTC Technologies LLC, a leading independent MEMS and CMOS commercialization company, to develop and manufacture MEMS devices using 8-inch fabrication technology. This collaboration harnesses Micralyne’s proven skills in MEMS design, process and manufacturing integration and SVTC’s advanced technology development and engineering expertise to provide customer’s with a one-stop shop for design through manufacturing at a competitive cost.

Through this endeavor Micralyne will obtain access to SVTC facilities in San Jose, CA and Austin, TX to undertake 8″ MEMS process development and volume manufacturing. SVTC brings an extensive equipment set together with a strong heritage of technology commercialization and engineering expertise. In addition, the SVTC fabs possess unique capabilities like atomic layer deposition and advanced lithography. Access to these capabilities will allow Micralyne to meet the growing demands of 8-inch MEMS development and manufacturing in a cost effective manner. Chris Lumb, CEO of Micralyne said “We are extremely pleased to work jointly with SVTC to accelerate our customers’ volume manufacturing needs. Through SVTC we can provide our customers a cost effective path from development to volume manufacturing.”

The collaboration will also allow SVTC to access MEMS process development and scale?up expertise from Micralyne. Dave Bergeron, CTO of SVTC, echoed this saying “Micralyne is a recognized leader in MEMS process technology and manufacturing. To have access to Micralyne’s extensive engineering resources will help us further strengthen our MEMS offerings.”

About Micralyne
Micralyne is one of the world’s largest, independent, MEMS development-through-manufacturing providers. With its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Micralyne services a diverse customer base with applications in, automotive sensors for control systems, lab-on-a-chip devices for drug discovery, MEMS optical switching and attenuation technology in telecommunication networks, optical light valves for computer-to-print applications and sensors for a variety of applications such as oil and gas exploration and chemical analysis.

About SVTC
MSVTC speeds the development and commercialization of innovative silicon-based technologies and products, cost-effectively and in an IP-secure manner. Through facilities in San Jose, Calif., and Austin, Texas, SVTC serves customers in rapidly growing markets such as novel memory, novel transistors, logic, MEMS, biotechnology, image sensors and high-voltage applications. SVTC offers a suite of leading-edge equipment and services, including full-scale 8″ MEMS and 12″ process capabilities, advanced CMOS equipment, analytical services, development support tools and commercialization services. SVTC is co-owned by Oak Hill Capital Management and Tallwood Venture Capital along with management. SVTC Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer. More information can be found at www.svtc.com

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