Micralyne Newslyne - May 2008

Message from the CEO

Mr. Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne
Mr. Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne
Characterization, testing, and qualification: dry topic? Some may think so, but at Micralyne we know that it's a critical part of successful MEMS product development and manufacturing. Our customers want confirmation that they're getting what they ordered, and being able to assure this for micron sized parts requires that we use a variety of specialized tools and practices.

MEMS products can provide tremendous economic benefits to their users. As you've heard us say before, MEMS makes products better, smaller, and less expensive. Better comes from more capability, where MEMS can do things that non-MEMS products simply can't do. Smaller gives MEMS products fit and function in more environments than conventional products can, and provides benefit in new applications areas. Cost, the final area, results from MEMS products providing better functionality at lower costs than conventional products.

To make all of this happen, MEMS technology relies on structures that can use a variety of properties, including electrical, structural, chemical, and optical properties, as well as complex interactions between these. Ensuring that MEMS devices do what they're supposed to do requires that novel testing and characterization is in place; that is, our customers need to know that they're receiving devices that meet their specifications.

MEMS companies therefore need to do more than just 'make' devices for their customers: they also need to be able to prove that these devices have the properties that they are supposed to have.

Two of our engineering managers have written more details about this in the technical briefing in this issue. As a user of MEMS products, you do not need to understand in detail the various methods which we use to characterize what we make. However, you do want to know that we can and do validate what we make, in order to ensure that it meets the rigorous specifications required to ensure performance in the field.

Making parts and validating that they're made well are two sides of the same coin, and this is one of the differences that makes Micralyne unique. Call us for more information about this critical aspect of MEMS development.

- By Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne -

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