CEO Message - Newslyne March 2007
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CEO Message
Spring is approaching and this time every year we're off to the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC).

Photograph of Chris Lumb
We have exhibited at this conference for the past several years and have witnessed the rise, fall and resurrection of the optical communication industry. Attendance at this year's OFC will no doubt be a fraction of what it was in 2001 but the prospects for the optical telecom industry are looking up.

Our customers in this segment are seeing significant growth and this in turn is driving a lot of our revenue growth. We are pleased to see that this growth is based on actual telecom carrier orders as opposed to hype driven expenditures of 5 or 6 years ago. Telecom is one of many bright spots for the MEMS industry as we are seeing increases in both manufacturing orders and new development opportunities. Our customers have become quite diverse and their product applications range from next generation automotive and oil & gas sensors to microfluidic devices for genetic analysis to biotection systems.

The culmination of this activity has lead to a facility expansion which we announced earlier this year. The foundations are in for expanded office space while the new clean room structure is underway. Once this is open later this year, we will have doubled our clean room space which will give us much more manufacturing and assembly capacity along with more elbow room for staff. Strategically, this expansion will allow us to manage our current projects more effectively while allow us to take new projects - both those in development and process transfers. We will keep you up to date with our construction progress in future Newslynes and let you know what new capabilities we will be offering.

The Tech Brief for this Newslyne is "Thin Film Deposition - Sputtering", written by Micralyne's Chief Scientist Glen Fitzpatrick.

If you happen to be at OFC this year, please drop by our booth (#3256). Plus, we'll be at the World Micromachine Summit in April along with the MEMS Industry Group Metric Conference in May - perhaps we'll see you there.

- Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne -


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