Micralyne Newslyne - June 2007

Adamant-Micralyne Manufacturing Alliance

In 2003, Micralyne determined that a major growth opportunity would be an expansion into the Japanese market.

Mr. Ryuichi Furuichi, President of Adamant, with Mr. Chris Lumb
Mr. Ryuichi Furuichi, President of Adamant, with Mr. Chris Lumb
At that time, Japanese companies were investigating the use of MEMS in their product lines and we saw ourselves as the logical manufacturing partner for these firms. One obstacle that stood in the way was the major cultural differences between Canada and Japan. We believed the best way to penetrate this market would be through a partnership with a leading Japanese company who could assist us with overcoming differences in language and business protocol. An alliance was formed with Adamant Kogyo Company Ltd. to act as our representative in Japan. Adamant was chosen because of their technical background and trusted relationships with various Japanese customers.

Four years later, this alliance has expanded and has proven to be successful for both companies. Several projects are currently under development in Japan and the Asia region is becoming a major source of Micralyne revenue.

So how exactly does this partnership work? Adamant's core business is to supply the market with fine-precision processed products measured on the scale of microns. Its four main product offerings include fiber optic components, LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), precision processing components and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems). Adamant's strongest market is fiber optics, including both telecommunications and data communications. Adamant has utilized its current customer relationships to offer Micralyne's services as well as developed new relationships with many other leading Japanese customers.

Mr. Kenny Takita, Micralyne Representative at Adamant
Mr. Kenny Takita, Micralyne Representative at Adamant
All of the MEMS devices sold by Adamant to their customers are being developed by or manufactured at Micralyne. A few examples of these devices include optical mirrors, optical switches, and acoustic devices. Our representative at Adamant, Mr. Kenny Takita, serves as a key customer liaison to ensure effective communication between Japanese companies and Micralyne. Mr. Takita is a senior executive at Adamant and leads their overseas business development activities. He also worked in North America for ten years and understands the key factors for developing successful Japanese/North American business relationships.

To learn more about Adamant Kogyo Ltd., please visit their website at www.adamant-kogyo.com. If you are a Japanese company looking for a MEMS manufacturing partner, please contact Mr. Kenny Takita at mems@adamant.co.jp.

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