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Welcome to the September Edition of Newslyne, Micralyne's quarterly e-newsletter. In this edition learn about Micralyne's new product quality planning program in the CEO Message, read an external contribution from Alcatel Micro Machining Systems focusing on the achievements and perspectives of DRIE technology and discover new MEMS tips on Micralyne's MPQP gating process.

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Construction Photos of New Fab Facility at Micralyne
Join us on November 8th for the Official Opening of our Extended Facility

(details in the CEO message)

Photo of New Clean Room Under Construction at Micralyne Photo of New Gowning Room at Micralyne Photo of New Office Space
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Contents - September 2007

:: Message from the CEO
:: Alcatel - Achievements & Perspectives of DRIE Technology
:: MEMS Tip List - MPQP Gating Process
:: Micralyne News & Events

Message from the CEO

Mr. Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne
Mr. Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne
Our Micralyne product quality planning process (MPQP) system and continuous improvement (CI) activities are important tools we use to be a great MEMS development and manufacturing company.

A significant challenge in the MEMS industry is to be fast, creative and flexible when developing new products and also to be disciplined and efficient when manufacturing in volume. This has been important to our success to date, but we also realize we need to continuously improve in these areas to maintain a competitive edge. Because of this, we are focusing on MPQP and CI enhancements this past quarter and will continue to do so this coming quarter.

- Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne -

Achievements & Perspectives of DRIE Technology for the Microsystems Market

Alcatel Logo
The use of DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etching) for the fabrication of mechanical devices has completely changed the research in microsensors and microactuators to develop Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS or Microsystems).

This is a rapidly emerging technology combining electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical, material, chemical, and fluids engineering disciplines. Nowadays, the mature technology is widely used, the total sales in the MEMS market reached $5.4 billion last year (source: Yole Développement). For example, MEMS devices incorporated into cellphonescell phones include silicon microphones, 3D accelerometers, gyroscopes for image stabilization and GPS, microfuel cells, and also biochips for personal weather stations and health care monitoring. ::Continued...

- By M. Puech, J.M. Thevenoud, J.M. Gruffat, N. Launay, P. Godinat and O. Le Barillecy, Alcatel Micro Machining Systems -

MEMS Tip List -
MPQP Gating Process

As mentioned in the CEO Message, we have implemented the Micralyne product quality planning process (MPQP) to enhance the development of customer programs by integrating customer feedback and development within Micralyne's internal R&D-to-manufacturing structure.

MPQP is based upon a framework used in the automotive industry to help manage the development of new products from the early feasibility phase, through to manufacturing. Key activities, milestones and dependencies are identified in a proactive way and these serve as a basis of delivering, manufacturable solutions to customers within the required project timelines.

We have outlined the major aspects of MPQP below, which can be a guide for your product development activities. ::Continued...

MEMS News, Events & Resources

Micralyne Wins 2007 Foundry of the Year Award
Micralyne has been named the 2007 Foundry of the Year by EuroAsia Semiconductor. The EuroAsia IC Industry Awards were presented on July 18th during SEMICON West in San Francisco.
::Read Full Release

Micralyne and University of Alberta Win Spot on 2007 MICRO/NANO 25 Innovative Product List
Micralyne and its GLAD (GLancing Angle Deposition) technology, developed in collaboration with Dr. Michael Brett at the University of Alberta, has been selected by R&D Magazine as one of the top 25 MICRO/NANO innovative products for 2007.
::Read Full Release

MEMS Executive Congress
Micralyne is the Wireless Sponsor at the MEMS Executive Congress from November 4-5 in Del Mar, California. Join Micralyne and other MEMS companies to interact and share experiences about business issues related to the commercialization of MEMS.
::MEMS Executive Congress

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