Micralyne Newslyne - September 2007

Message from the CEO

Mr. Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne
Mr. Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne
Our Micralyne product quality planning process (MPQP) system and continuous improvement (CI) activities are important tools we use to be a great MEMS development and manufacturing company.

A significant challenge in the MEMS industry is to be fast, creative and flexible when developing new products and also to be disciplined and efficient when manufacturing in volume. This has been important to our success to date, but we also realize we need to continuously improve in these areas to maintain a competitive edge. Because of this, we are focusing on MPQP and CI enhancements this past quarter and will continue to do so this coming quarter.

So what have we done so far? Last quarter we put our process and R&D engineering groups into one department: the rationale is to help bring manufacturing considerations to bear on product developments at an early stage. We introduced a formal MPQP system, based on the well-established Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) program from the automotive industry, and implemented it for most customer projects. We also revised our team structure wherein each major customer project is staffed by a multi-functional group including development, process engineering, operations, and account management. Last, we enhanced our engineering scheduling procedures, which allows us to make more precise assignments of engineering resources to projects. These process improvements are also complementary to our manufacturing execution software (MES) system that we implemented last year.

Overall, these enhancements translate to increased value to our customers as we identify potential technical issues earlier in development and in turn move products from development to manufacturing environment faster. This of course means lower development costs and faster time-to-market for our customers' products.

Moving forward, we're continuing to reinforce MPQP through regularly scheduled project reviews. On the continuous improvement side of the equation, we're putting focused effort, under the leadership of David Buckley, into a coordinated continuous improvement program for our major manufacturing programs. David recently joined Micralyne and is an industry veteran with over 20 years of senior operations experience in both North America and Europe.

We see that continued investment in CI and MPQP will help us manage our rapid growth, make the most of our current fab, and efficiently fill our new fab when it opens later this year. On that note, mark your calendar for Thursday, November 8th, as this will be the official opening of our extended facility (our Class 10 clean room space is increasing by 70%, Class 1000 clean room space increasing by 50%, plus extra office areas and meeting rooms for our continuously growing staff).

We would be pleased if you could join us for a ribbon cutting ceremony, reception and facility tour. Details for this event will be released shortly but if you are interested in attending please contact us at media@micralyne.com.

- By Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne -

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