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Welcome to the OFC/NFOEC Edition of Newslyne, Micralyne's quarterly e-newsletter. This particular newsletter is being sent out in advance of the Optical Fibre Communications Conference being held from March 6th to 11th in Anaheim.
OFC/NFOEC 2005 Micralyne
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Contents - March 2005

Message from the CEO

We are sending out this special edition of Newslyne in advance of the OFC Conference to be held in Anaheim the week of March 7th.

Photograph of Chris Lumb
The OFC Conference is the largest trade show of its kind focusing on the optical telecommunications industry. Micralyne has attended this show for the last several years and, if you are planning to go, we look forward to seeing you there.

Despite the massive ups and downs of the telecom industry over the past few years, MEMS applications in telecom are very real. At Micralyne, a significant amount of our work is related to optical products and we are seeing a good up-tick of business with both established companies and start-ups.

Current and new customers are launching or expanding their development programs for such products as optical switch and variable optical attenuator products plus we are seeing increased interest in our standard microfabricated products and services. These include our Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB) platform, silicon v-grooves and microlenses. We believe the growth in our customer base is indicative of what is going on in the industry as a whole and the OFC Conference should be an outstanding event.

At OFC 2005, Micralyne will be located at Booth 1905 in Hall __ where we will be exhibiting our capabilities related to optical MEMS. We are also launching a new line of microlens arrays (refer to our Tech Brief below) that can be used in almost any application wherein light needs to be focused or collimated.

If you are traveling to OFC, please drop by our booth as we would be pleased to tell you know more about our MEMS fab services and our targeted capability offering for the optical telecom industry.

We hope you enjoy this version of Newslyne and, as always, if you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at clumb@micralyne.com.

- Chris Lumb, President & CEO, Micralyne Inc. -

Tech Brief:
Micralenses™ - Microlens Arrays

Micralyne is now manufacturing microlens arrays targeting the optical telecom industry. We offer high quality standard and custom microlenses in a variety of configurations.

SEM Photo of Microlenses

Microlens arrays can be used in virtually any application where the light is focused or collimated. Examples include fiber optic array coupling and collimation, optical switching and laser diode, VCSEL collimation and arrayed waveguide (AWG) to fiber coupling

Micralyne now offers prototype deliveries with volume fabrication capabilities of microlenses with outstanding uniformity across lens arrays. Our microlenses are fabricated in our state-of-the-art Class 10 clean rooms and take advantage of our leading edge microfabrication technology. We also offer in-house design and test capabilities for custom lens arrays.

Micralyne is capable of fabricating a wide range of microlenses that can optimize the performance of any optical system. Our standard lens arrays have the following specifications:

Substrate Material Fused Silica/Quartz
Index of Refraction 1.561 @ 250 nm
1.444 @ 1550 nm
Lens Type Refractive Plano-Convex
Wavelength UV - IR
Array Pitch Accuracy ± 0.25 µm
Array Packing Type Square, Hexagonal, Other
Lens Diameter 100 µm – 300 µm

In summary, Micralyne now offers high quality microlenses useful for a wide range of optical applications.

- Gerry Beaudoin, Project Engineer, Micralyne Inc. -

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MEMS Micromirror
Optical Telecom Targeted MEMS Fabrication Services
Micralyne offers a wide array of products and services to the optical telecom industry from the development and manufacture of MEMS-based optical switch systems to a wide-variety of standard products.

For more information, please visit:
- our website at www.micralyne.com
- download our product datasheets
- or visit us at OFC at Booth #1905 in Hall C

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Micralyne Spatial Light Valve (SLV)
Micralyne has been working on a fast optical switch array for five years now, and is now exploring a number of potential applications and configurations. The MEMS-based SLV offers a high speed and high throughput linear array of switch elements useful for a wide range of wavelengths and applications.

Micralyne News

Micralyne and Sensicore Announce Expanded MEMS Manufacturing Partnership
Micralyne Inc. and Sensicore, Inc. announced they have renewed and expanded their agreement for the development and manufacture of Sensicore's innovative multi-sensor chip systems.
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Nanometer schmanometers - Keep your eye on MEMS
By Jim Jones and Sharon Wienbar - Electronic Business
There has been a lot of industry excitement lately about the promise of nanotechnology, particularly in the fields of biotechnology and materials science (see "Small Ideas for a Big Market," November 2004). In the rush to think nano, a (dare we say it) larger technology, namely MEMS, has silently reached the mainstream and created real opportunities.

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University of Alberta Surface Engineering Centre 1st in N.A.
By Hanna Nash - The Gateway
Although the Alberta Centre for Surface Engineering and Science (ACSES) is still undergoing construction, research on atoms or molecules on the surface of solids has already begun. The new machines will be used to look at the exterior of a wide array of solid materials, ranging from powders to formed solids.

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