Novel Material Processing

Photo of MEMS SU8 PillarsIf you’ve found the perfect material, we’ll create the process.

Some materials enable designers to achieve your goals without sacrifice—until you discover they can’t be processed. Micralyne provides novel material processing for unique materials specific to the MEMS industry so you can use the materials that work for your products.


Often used in Life Sciences, SU-8 is a bio-compatible, transparent, epoxy-based resist that can be used to form permanent structures. Examples include waveguides, pillars, and assays.

Micralyne has mastered a number of SU-8 processes with thicknesses ranging from 1μm to 100μm. These SU-8 processes are ready for prototyping as well as Manufacturing.


Polyimide is a viscous resist that, when cured, is used as a mechanical structure. It can also be used as a sacrificial material or isolation layer. It is ideal for life sciences. Micralyne offers defined Polyimide recipes for mechanical structures as well as sacrificial layers.

Fused Quartz / Fused Silica

Fused quartz / fused silica is incredibly hard glass with low thermal conductivity.
This material is resistant to non-fluorinated acids, solvents, and plasmas and is ideal for containing high-purity chemicals. Micralyne has recipes for etching fused quartz and silica defined for prototyping and manufacturing.


Gold (Au) thin film deposition is used extensively in our processing environment.
Gold is a critical material in a majority of MEMS devices due to its reflectivity, bio-compatibility, conductance, resistance to oxidation, and strength but many IC fabs do not work with Au. Micralyne has recipes for deposition and etching for prototype and manufacturing.

Non-Linear Crystals

Micralyne has extensive experience with non-linear crystals requiring MEMS-type processing. Micralyne has defined standard processes for microfabrication on non-linear crystals.

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

ITO is a material that is prevalent in display and solar technologies. It allows customers to prototype without sacrificing enabling material. Micralyne has adapted ITO for MEMS purposes. We also offer defined deposition and etch profiles for ITO.

Please contact us to learn more about any of the above Novel Material Processing capabilities.

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