Thin Film Deposition

Thin Film Gold Metallization

Thin Film Gold Metallization

Micralyne’s thin film expertise allows us to fabricate a variety of devices, such as solder, resistors, and waveguides, with thin film layers of materials. Thin films vary in thickness from a few hundred angstroms to tens of microns.

PVD Coatings

  • Standard metallization processes for low stress films, barriers, reflective surfaces, masking layers and thin film resistors
  • Engineers use three-target sputtering systems to provide consistent thin film quality and access to custom adhesion, barrier and conductive layers. Patterning is done to match customer specifications using wet chemical etch or liftoff techniques

Plated Au-Sn Solder

  • Micralyne offers a patented process for electroplating of AuSn solder alloy, at compositions from 10 to 40 Sn (wt%), in patterned or unpatterned shapes onto metallized substrates at virtually any thickness

PECVD Dielectrics

  • Slab, ridge and buried core waveguides with core dimensions of 3 – 8 microns using PECVD oxynitrides for index control
  • Oxide (LF/HF), Nitride (LF/HF), OxyNitride, Amorphous Silicon
    Dual wafer load lock, Dual frequency of oxide and nitride


  • Thermal oxide, Annealing Process

Thin Film Substrates

  • Micralyne has the capabilities to work with a variety of substrate materials including silicon, SOI, ceramics and glass

GLAD Desposition


  • Insulating layers, Passivation, AR coatings

Dielectric as mechanical structures

  • Nitride and oxide mechanical structures and amorphous silicon as sacrificial layer

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Thin Films – Metals

  • Deposition of a variety of thin films/metal stacks
  • Multiple sputter systems and E-beam evaporators
  • Interconnects, reflective surfaces, bonding
  • Buried electrodes allow hermetic bonding of a cover plate

Sputter System

  • Au, Cu, W, Pt, Mo, NiCu, Cr, Ti, TaN, Nb
  • Thickness: 100 Angstroms – 2um

Evaporation System

  • Al, Ag, Au, Cr, Ni, Pt, SiO2, Sn, Ti
  • Thickness: 100 Angstroms – 2um


  • Au, AuSn (10 – 40 Sn wt%)