Transfer to Manufacturing

Transfer to Manufacturing

How do you take a brilliant design and make it a reality?

By following a Transfer-to-Manufacturing program that ensures products go from development to volume manufacturing smoothly and cost-effectively.

We take the manufacturing of MEMS very seriously.

Consequently, we have implemented and follow a formal “Transfer-to-Manufacturing” (TtM) program that is part of our ISO quality system. The program for transferring MEMS products to manufacturing is based upon a structured Gate Review process derived from standard APQP procedures. Thanks to our fabrication capabilities, Micralyne has effectively developed customer prototypes, moved product into manufacturing, and undergone extensive supplier audits by leading companies in the transportation,
communications, energy and life science industries.

The end goal of our TtM program is to establish a MEMS manufacturing supply agreement to provide production for our customers. Additionally, we work with you to set objectives for continuous yield, cost, and quality improvements on an ongoing basis.

Key Factors of a TtM Program:

  • Establish customer requirement
  • Demonstrate capability
  • Demonstrate control
  • Analyze and improve through date
  • Establish baseline

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