What We Do

what-we-do-2011Micralyne develops and manufactures brilliant MEMS solutions.

MEMS Development – Big Dreams, Small Devices, Huge Success

It’s frustrating to see a great idea die on the table because you don’t have one small piece. That’s not the way revolutionary companies, like yours, change the world.

We believe anything is possible. Our expert developers are committed to getting your life-changing ideas to market—fast—through the creation of smaller, more efficient components for your high-tech products. We transform your product dreams into reality, no matter how great the challenge.

Whether you’re looking for custom development services, early-stage design and modeling services, or standardized fabrication platforms and processes, Micralyne
can help.

» Custom MEMS Development
» Standard MEMS Fabrication Platform

MEMS Manufacturing – Bringing Big Ideas to Life

What’s the fastest way to crush a brilliant MEMS solution? Designing a manufacturing process that isn’t repeatable, costs a fortune, or produces an inferior product you can’t sell.

At Micralyne, manufacturing is done in a way that meets your needs. We consider you our long-term OEM MEMS manufacturing partner and we’ll work with you to create the best product possible, quickly and affordably.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, an ever-growing fleet of high-tech manufacturing equipment, and a manufacturing team that is second to none in responsiveness and ability, we consistently give our clients quality service and products.

» MEMS Manufacturing Services
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