Why We Are Different

why-we-are-different-2011Why do customers choose Micralyne?

From innovative Fortune 100 companies to high-tech start-ups, our customers choose Micralyne because we have the experience, expertise, and creativity to turn difficult designs into successful prototypes and repeatable manufacturing processes.

We aim to amaze; and our unique offerings, development capability, flexibility, responsiveness, superior technical skills, and quality-assured manufacturing volumes give our customers a unique and strategic advantage over their competitors.

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But being the best isn’t enough.

Our history in development, acquired from 25 years of customer projects, has resulted in a library of experience and capability, unrivaled in the MEMS industry. Our track record in moving from concept to commercialization will give you a competitive advantage in bringing your concept to market.

Our Strategic Alliances: Partnering for your success

We want to provide the right solutions to meet your evolving needs. Our success is built on working with you, understanding what you need and delivering quality products. We work with you as an integral part of the team to ensure that your needs are continually reflected in our activities.

Need help developing your product into a profitable business? The Alberta Centre for Advanced MNP Products (ACAMP) bridges the gap. If you’re looking for industrial partnerships or other business development services, visit the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT). The University of Alberta NanoFab is an open access micro and nano fabrication research facility that gives anyone access to equipment, infrastructure, and expertise.

» Alberta Centre for Advanced MNP Products (ACAMP)
» National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)
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