Success in the health care and medical device sectors crucially depends on design reliability and the speed of testing new technologies and getting them to market.

Advances in micro technology provide various ways to accelerate design and lower development costs by improving diagnostic tools, automating drug delivery systems and continuously monitoring health conditions. MEMS and micromachining advances are driving the revolution in biological measurements and point-of-care diagnostics. Emerging innovations in medical analysis and non-invasive treatment call for unique application requirements such as multi-sensor connectivity and low-power consumption.

Explore Teledyne Micralyne’s BioMedical capabilities on these pages. Learn about the Biomedical capabilities of our sister foundry, Teledyne DALSA.

Micralyne Advantage

certified-systemA certified ISO 13485 supplier, Teledyne Micralyne has over two decades of experience in developing leading-edge micro-machining solutions for life science applications. Our advanced processes and expertise in silicon, glass and other innovative technology platforms provide our medical sector customers both material flexibility and quality control necessary for demanding BioMed devices.

- John Santini, President and Chief Scientific Officer,

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