Outer layers of the human skin may only be 10-20 µm thick but pose a major barrier to transdermal delivery of drugs, vaccines and other pharmaceutical agents. In recent years, micro-needle technology has come of age for drug delivery and neuro-stimulation. Consumer devices are now available for everyday applications like insulin injection, and expansion to a wide range of applications is around the corner.

Micro-needles manufactured at Teledyne Micralyne include

  • Solid or hollow microneedles
  • Microneedle arrays
  • Bio-compatible materials – silicon, glass, metals, dielectrics, and carbides
  • Advanced tapering and etching techniques

Micralyne Advantage

Micralyne has fabricated micro-needle devices ranging in height from 100-500 µm, and developed a manufacturing platform to provide various shapes and dimensions to achieve the micro-needle array that fits the application. Development and proof-of-concept units can be provided for various applications with materials such as silicon, titanium and other exotic metals and coatings.

"By fabricating these needles on a silicon substrate, because of their small size, thousands of needles can be fabricated on a single wafer. This leads to high accuracy, good reproducibility, and a moderate fabrication cost."

- Jaydeep Yadav PhD

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