Molecular biology-based diagnostic tools enhance the ability of researchers to accelerate analytical tasks in drug development, gene therapy and analysis. Integrating micro-structures in tools enables simultaneous analysis of millions of cells, acquisition of enormous amounts of data in minutes, and identification of biomarkers. At the heart of such micro-structures is a precision-manufactured micro-assay device based on MEMS technology.

Micralyne Advantage

Micralyne has been providing molecular assay devices for more than 10 years. Medical products companies have benefited from the quality and consistency of our processes in moving their products through trials, regulatory approval and mass production. Micralyne is one of the few MEMS companies worldwide whose manufacturing facility is ISO 13485-certified.

Range of coatings:

  • Hydrophobic, hydrophilic
  • Fluorophilic

Range of channel types:

  • High temperature range
  • High pressure range

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