We live in an increasingly connected world. Every imaginable device will eventually be connected to a cloud-based data system, to sense everything from air quality to livestock fertility, and to provide real time data to users. This trend spans consumer and industrial environments and is spawning countless new applications and infrastructure spending. Sensors are becoming ubiquitous and are the common foundation for each and every one of these new applications. Purpose-designed MEMS sensors hold the key to mass adoption, deployment and ROI for these massive development efforts, applied variously to consumer devices, Internet of Things (IOT) products, or Business-to-Business (B2B) networks.

Micralyne Advantage

Micralyne has a solid track record in managing the entire development cycle, from initial-proof of- concept to high volume production and time-to-market.

Deep experience in designing and manufacturing novel sensors and full-device architectures makes us an ideal partner for customers building products for the fully connected world. We also provide solutions and a track record of success in logistical challenges in design, including remote sensing, harsh environments, and safety-critical applications. MEMS sensors manufactured by Micralyne include:

  • Pressure sensors
  • Gas sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Thermal imaging sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Micro-valves and more
Micralyne customers range from Fortune 500 to fabless device companies. “It is a challenge to find a foundry having the experience of an OEM manufacturer and the willingness to work with a medical company during product development when volumes are low. Micralyne has the capability and experience to produce quality product at both low and high volumes.”

- John Santini, President and Chief Scientific Officer, MicroCHIPS

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