Teledyne Micralyne Metal Oxide Gas Detection Technology

The application of MEMS technology has allowed Metal Oxide Gas Sensors to be mass-produced at the wafer level. Silicon wafer manufacturing allows for cost reduction and scalability to large volumes.

Process capabilities developed by Teledyne Micralyne enable the creation of gas sensor devices suitable for precise measurement of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as Ethanol, Acetone and Toluene. Sensor arrays and comparative signal processing can increase selectivity to target specific gases.

Teledyne Micralyne Metal Oxide MEMS Platform Features:

  • Integrated Micro-Heater

    • Platinum Thin Films
    • Refractory Metals
    • Electrically isolated from the sensor
  • Interdigitated Sensor Electrodes
  • Metal Oxide Sensing Film

    • Catalyst doping for greater sensitivity
  • Thermal Isolation Membranes

    • Low Stress  Dielectric Films
    • Backside or front side airgap

MOX Gas Sensor

Metal Oxide Gas Sensor with Micro-hotplate (1.6 x 1.6 mm2 die)

MEMS based gas detection provides dramatic size reduction, a reduction in power consumption, and the ability to increase functionality and selectivity through the use of multisensory arrays on a single chip.

Wafer based Metal Oxide gas sensors are suitable for integration into a wide variety of gas sensing applications – largely driven by health and safety considerations, including environmental monitoring, biological research, and industrial control.

Micralyne Advantage

From business and IP strategy to final product, Teledyne Micralyne consults and collaborates with customers to develop and manufacture robust gas sensors that are stable over time and meet the stringent drift specifications required by industrial and medical applications.

Most processes required for gas sensors take advantage of a wide set of metal and alloy deposition capabilities available at Teledyne Micralyne. Our experience includes manufacturing gas sensors with optical and IR sensing mechanisms and several specialized metal and chemical coatings.

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