Inertial sensors are used to measure aspects of physical movement like thrust, velocity, angle and direction, and are widely used in consumer applications like smart phones, game consoles, automotive air bag systems and GPS displays. However, the greater inertial sensor market includes oil and gas exploration, geological survey equipment, medical devices and aerospace. Regardless of application, MEMS-based inertial sensors require complex and precise etching techniques to create fine geometries that are consistent across the wafer.

Micralyne Advantage

We focus on providing customers with application-specific design solutions for precision, sensitivity and speed. Our extensive experience and track record in application-specific solutions gives us a vast toolbox of capabilities to provide spec-compliant, manufacturing-ready and cost-effective sensors for any application.

Our common process elements include:

  • dry etch: DRIE, RIE
  • metal deposition
  • thin film deposition
  • wafer bonding
  • SOI wafer processing

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