Optical elements require fast and precise movement. Products like micro mirrors and light valves use small incremental steps to accomplish tasks like laser beam steering and spectrum changes. To accomplish this precise actuation, designers use various methods to drive structures.

Micralyne Advantage

Micralyne has developed several actuation platforms used by our customers to drive optical structures. These platforms take advantage of the Micralyne MEMS and micromachining capabilities like DRIE, thin film deposition and wafer level packaging.

Actuation platforms include:

  • Electrostatic actuation (comb drive, plate drive)
    • Various electrostatically driven structures
    • Scanning mirrors, mirror arrays, optical switches
  • Thermal actuation
    • Thermally driven structures for simple low-cost actuation
    • Laser alignment, mirror alignment and simple switches
  • Piezoelectric actuation
    • Various bulk materials like PZT, AlN and others, for low power and small form factors

Next Steps

Micralyne can suggest the best actuation approach for your requirements.

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