Advances in MEMS technology and surface micromachining have led to the development of numerous optical devices that take advantage of micro mirror structures. Our two decades of experience in miniaturized mirrors capable of high reflectivity, rapid actuation and precise movement have enabled countless new applications in optical communications, medical devices, imaging and micro displays to name a few.

Micralyne Advantage

Micralyne’s interdisciplinary teams of mechanical, electrical and optical engineers and technicians have developed, fabricated and mass produced dozens of innovative designs for miniaturized mirrors that are used in data centers, medical equipment and telecom systems.

Over two decades, we have developed an extensive array of optical MEMS IP and process modules to enable rapid development and accelerated time-to-market for our customers. Our highly successful manufacturing engagements include:

  • Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA): single mirror
  • Optical switches: single mirror, 1×2, 1xN
  • Wave selectable switches: 1xN
  • Mirror arrays: NxN arrays for Optical Cross Connect switches (OXC)

Next Steps

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