As digital communication speeds increase, laser-to-fiber mechanical connections require increasingly precise alignments and tight tolerances. Effectiveness of optical devices in high frequency applications requires integrated alignment of multiple individual elements. Partnering with the right fabricator to ensure precision alignment, light coupling optimization and robust manufacturing processes is critical. Such optical devices also require packaging to enable high volume manufacturing at low costs. Our MEMS devices and micro-fabrication expertise provide tailored customer solutions for this application.

Micralyne Advantage

Silicon Optical Bench (SiOB) and laser sub-mount applications require low cost implementation. Micralyne works closely with its customers to design effective solutions. Micralyne offers numerous application-specific silicon optical bench and laser sub-mount platforms to address even the most challenging cost-benefit requirements. From material selection to optimized process steps, we collaborate with customers to align performance requirements and production solutions. Our platform solutions include silicon, glass, aluminum nitride and other purpose-specific materials.

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