Spatial Light Valves (SLV) are MEMS device-based tunable spatial light modulators that deploy the principle of diffraction to provide a highly efficient means to switch, modulate, and attenuate light. Its unique combination of speed, accuracy, reliability, and manufacturability has been field proven in demanding applications.

Diffraction gratings are among the most commonly used optical elements in a wide range of applications ranging from digital printing, laser marking, spectroscopy, metrology, and numerous other emerging applications where precise manipulation of light is required. 3D-imaging applications such as LiDAR, structured illumination in Time-Of-Flight cameras can also benefit from this technology. Key features of the technology:

  • High Speed Switching: switches at resonant frequency of 10 MHz (100 ns ON-OFF-ON)
  • Light Spectrum supported: UV to Far-IR
  • Analog grey scales: wide range of pulse width modulated (PWM) grey scales
  • Addressable diffraction gratings with large channel counts
  • High optical efficiency: achieves over 96% throughput of laser wavelength (40W power); reduced cooling requirements and maximizing utilization of laser
  • High Resolution: individual sub-pixels resolving to 2.5 microns at 830 nm
  • Non-contact, high reliability and high robustness surface micromachined or solid-state devices

Teledyne Micralyne has extensive experience in design, modeling, fabrication and mass manufacturing of Spatial Light Valves. Our whitepaper on Surface Micromachined Structures for Optical Applications  illustrates the design and fabrication processes used in manufacturing high-efficiency Spatial Light Valves.

Micralyne Advantage

Micralyne’s Spatial Light Valve (SLV) technology enables numerous applications where precise modulation of light with high spatial and temporal resolution is required. The SLV can be used in diverse applications can be used in a wide range of optical applications involving spectral modulation of light, such as LiDAR imaging, structured illumination, digital printing, laser marking, spectroscopy, and metrology.

Next Steps

Learn more about Spatial Light Valves in our whitepaper on Surface Micromachined Structures for Optical Applications

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