Medical Wearables 2019

4th Annual Conference and ExhibitionMay 15-16, 2019
San Jose, California


Visit Micralyne at Medical Wearables 2019 to discuss MEMS manufacturing options for medical devices. Micralyne’s fabrication solutions have been used in MEMS sensors for precise measurement devices, MEMS optical switching technology, lab-on-a-chip components, micro-needles, pressure sensors, gas sensors, accelerometers, thermal imaging sensors, and microfluidics.

Micralyne is a leading independent MEMS foundry and volume manufacturer of novel MEMS devices with over 30 years of development and manufacturing expertise. Micralyne is both ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified. We offer our customers a strategic partnership with deep technical knowledge and fabrication capabilities coupled with an integrated quality and project management support. Connect with us today and leverage our experience to manufacture your MEMS devices.

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