Teledyne Micralyne provides a wide range of technologies to assemble and package customer and application-specific products. From bioanalysis to commercial printing to optical sub-assemblies, Teledyne Micralyne has the expertise, experience and tool-sets to successfully manufacture most MEMS-based sub assemblies and assemblies.

Review the packaging and assembly capabilities of our sister foundry, Teledyne DALSA.

 MEMS assembly capabilities include:

  • Discrete die-level packaging
  • Spot welder
  • High vacuum furnace for getter activation and hermetic package sealing
  • Semi-automated die sorter
  • Die/flip chip bonder
  • Low temperature co-fired ceramics
  • Solder die attach


Die-Level Packaging

Micralyne performs both traditional and novel die-level packaging for MEMS devices. Expertise includes wire bonding to external packages, hermetic sealing of packages using various bonding methods, and die-level electrical testing of devices in a low noise environment.



Wafer Level

Micralyne’s µSilQ™ reduces the footprint of physical dice and allows electrical connections to be formed inside the die cavity.


Wire Bonding

  • High speed automated wedge wire aluminum/gold deep access
  • Automated ball wire (Au) bonding
  • Wire bonding from dice to submount, dice to package, submount to flex cables
  • Wire bonding equipped with PRS
  • Wire size capability from 17 – 75 µm
  • Substrate size up to 200 mm X 150 mm
  • Position repeatability typically ± 3 µm
  • Multi-chip, multi-module wire bonding capability
  • Wire bonding capability from dice to package and dice to sub-mount
  • Packaging capabilities include flex cables, mounting substrates, packages compatible with optical technologies


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