How do you take a brilliant design and make it a reality?

By compliance to a formal Transfer-to-Manufacturing program to ensure devices move from development to volume manufacturing with best practices and feedback loops


Teledyne Micralyne follows a formal “Transfer-to-Manufacturing” (TtM) program covered by our ISO quality management system. The program for transferring MEMS products to manufacturing is based on a structured gate review process derived from standard APQP procedures. Micralyne has used this process extensively for over 15 years in engagements with leading companies in the Transportation, Communications, Energy and Life Sciences.

Our TtM program ensures a manufacturing supply agreement with customers that is well characterized, enables high yields at prescribed cost levels. As part of our agreement, we also set objectives for continuous yield, cost, and quality improvements on an ongoing basis.

Key stages in a TtM Program:

  • Establish customer requirements
  • Demonstrate capability
  • Demonstrate control
  • Analyze and improve performance and consistency
  • Establish baseline

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