Complimentary Whitepaper: Microfluidic MEMS devices and fabrication processes

Advancement in MEMS technology has facilitated research and development of novel biomedical devices.  MEMS based Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic devices, Lab-on-chip (LOC), patient monitoring, drug delivery, and implantable devices are revolutionizing the bio-medical and healthcare markets.

Microfluidics refers to the control and manipulation of tiny amounts of fluids in sub-millimeter channels and other structures. Microfluidics applications range from simple passive usage of etched wells to facilitate cell manipulation, to complex active systems, which can flow and mix different chemicals and allow different analytical techniques to be performed. Given the benefits of reduced sample volume, highly predictable fluid dynamics, high resolution and sensitivity, and wafer-level scalability, Microfluidics are being used in numerous applications.

In this paper, you will learn about:

  • Microfluidic devices – microchannels, microfluidic arrays, electrode arrays, microneedles and their arrays
  • Fabrication Processes and materials used for MEMS based Microfluidics devices
  • Regulatory considerations in manufacturing of BioMed devices

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