EDMONTON, AB – May 16, 2019 – Micralyne Inc., internationally recognized for its unique design and fabrication of Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) has named John Harley, PhD, as President and CEO.

Dr. Harley joined Micralyne in 2016 as Vice President of Technical Marketing and Business Development. His leadership and expertise in MEMS product development, technology transfer, business development, and strategic marketing have enabled Micralyne to excel in the MEMS market. His technical insight has enabled our customers to apply the most advanced manufacturing capabilities in the biomedical, optical and industrial markets. In his new role as President and CEO, Dr. Harley will bring his extensive MEMS technical and market experience to propel Micralyne to the next level.

“Driven by multiple market forces, such as the IoT growth trend, burgeoning biotech and biomedical markets, and the need for ever more sophisticated sensors, the MEMS market continues to grow strongly, said Dr. Harley. “Micralyne has grown substantially faster than the market pace in the last three years under Ian Roane’s leadership. The company is well positioned to continue that aggressive growth and maintain its position as a recognized world leader in MEMS engineering expertise and medium volume production. I look forward to leading the company into the future.”

Dr. Harley holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. With over 20 years of MEMS industry experience, Dr. Harley’s strategic expertise will help Micralyne execute on its vision in the rapidly growing MEMS market. According to Yole Development, “MEMS market will experience a 17.5% growth in value between 2018 and 2023, to reach US$ 31 billion at the end of the period.”[1]

Micralyne also announced that Ian Roane, Micralyne’s Chief Executive officer since 2016, has decided to transition from his role as CEO of Micralyne to a new position of Executive Advisor for Micralyne. Roane’s leadership, insight, and business acumen helped Micralyne make great strides in the MEMS field. In 2016, Roane had agreed to take on the CEO role for a three-year term. Now that this milestone has been achieved, he has graciously agreed to continue to support Micralyne in this new capacity.

[1] http://www.yole.fr/MEMS_Market_Top_Manufacturers.aspx



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