Edmonton, AB, May 18, 2016Micralyne Inc., a leading manufacturer of Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) and its parent company FTC Technologies, today announced Ian Roane as President and CEO, effective immediately. Mr. Roane replaces Mike Ciprick, who was Micralyne’s CEO for the last four years. Mr. Ciprick will become Chief Financial Officer and will report to Ian Roane in his new role. Mr. Roane’s appointment reflects FTC’s ongoing commitment to build a leadership team that has the extensive experience and market-specific acumen to serve all aspects of the Micralyne business.

Mr. Roane brings over 30 years of high-tech experience to the electronics Industry, having served in various executive management roles. He has worked closely with Micralyne since February of 2014, first as an advisor and then as a board member since February of 2015. Prior to Micralyne, Mr. Roane held CEO positions at Kaben Wireless Silicon, a fabless semiconductor company, and at Sound Design Technologies, a spin-off from Gennum Corporation, which On Semi subsequently acquired. His distinguished career also includes engineering and management positions at notable companies such as Bell Northern Research (Nortel Networks), NovAtel Communications and National Semiconductor, where he headed its Canadian IC operations. Mr. Roane was also vice president of engineering at Sirific Wireless.

“Over the past two years, Ian has gained critical insight into all areas of Micralyne operations — from back-end operations such as technology platforms and fabrication capabilities to front-end business development and partner relations,” said Ric Forest, chairman of FTC Technologies. “He embraces our culture, understands our customers’ evolving markets, and has the practical know-how to further expand our global business reach. His background and leadership experience fit perfectly into the broad plan to keep advancing Micralyne as a premier MEMS manufacturing and solutions provider.”

“During his four-year tenure as our CEO, Mike Ciprick advocated tirelessly for Micralyne as he navigated both restructuring and acquisition,” remarked Ian Roane, CEO of Micralyne. “He built exceptional marketing  and engineering teams and created a rapidly growing business. As Micralyne’s CFO, Mike brings more than 16 years in business and financial acumen to our company. He is a great asset to our management team, and we look forward to working in partnership to further advance Micralyne among broader audiences.”

With a focus on serving the worldwide growth in sensor applications, Micralyne is a key provider of MEMS sensors and other micro structures that differentiate exciting applications such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, implantable medical devices and optical communications.

About Micralyne Inc.

Micralyne is one of the world’s leading independent developers and manufacturers of MEMS and micro-fabricated products. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Micralyne’s diverse customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, mid-range industrial and biomedical companies, and pioneering high-tech start-ups. With a proven manufacturing track record and a rich development history, Micralyne commercializes complex MEMS devices to enable the intelligence and interactivity of its customers’ products.

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