EDMONTON, AB August 14, 2019 – Micralyne Inc., internationally recognized for its unique design and fabrication of Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS), is excited to announce the purchase of a Versalis fxP® Cluster System from SPTS Technologies, a KLA company. Micralyne will use the Versalis fxP equipped with a Rapier plasma etch module to increase production capacity in order to meet growing customer demand for its biomedical, optical, and industrial MEMS.

Micralyne is a key provider of MEMS sensors and other microstructures that differentiate exciting applications such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, implantable medical devices and optical communications. The addition of SPTS’s Versalis fxP system will allow Micralyne to offer its MEMS customers a broader range of process technologies and production capabilities with improved throughput and yield. The central module of the system is a Rapier silicon deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) chamber that offers unparalleled process capability with world-class productivity. Other modules on the system include the Synapse™ dielectric etch module designed to etch strongly bonded materials and a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) module for depositing uniform and stable SiN and SiO films for MEMS devices at temperatures <200°C.

John Harley, Micralyne CEO, says, “The SPTS Versalis fxP with the Rapier module is widely recognized as the absolute state-of-the art in DRIE systems.  The Versalis fxP platform can support up to six process modules, and we are already planning to order additional modules.  Moving to this new level of wafer processing technology is an exciting step forward for Micralyne, as it expands our capabilities and capacity, and will help fuel our growth.  We look forward to an ongoing relationship with SPTS as we continue to grow to meet the increasing demand for MEMS worldwide.”

The Versalis fxP cluster system offers many benefits, including lower cost of ownership and smaller footprint compared to having multiple single technology systems, as the Versalis fxP has the flexibility to have up to 6 modules and support multiple process technologies on a single platform.  By combining DRIE, dielectric etch, and PECVD on the same platform, Micralyne is expected to benefit from SPTS’s single chamber multi-process capability and the ability to offer novel integration schemes to its customers.

MEMS is recognized as one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century. Micralyne offers customers a strategic partnership with deep technical knowledge and fabrication capabilities.

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Micralyne is one of the world’s leading independent developers and manufacturers of MEMS and micro-fabricated products. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Micralyne’s diverse customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, mid-range industrial and biomedical companies, and pioneering high-tech start-ups. With a proven manufacturing track record and a rich development history, Micralyne commercializes complex MEMS devices to enable the intelligence and interactivity of its customers’ products.

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