Edmonton, AB, January 28, 2015 – Updated February 2016 – Micralyne Inc. is pleased to announce that Canadian private equity investor FTC Technologies Inc.and its affliates have acquired 100% of the shares of Micralyne.  Micralyne is one of the leading independent providers of development and manufacturing services for micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) and micro fabrication in the life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, energy and aerospace industries.

Micralyne President and CEO, Mike Ciprick commented, “Transitioning from a broad and diverse shareholder base to a focused, agile investor team brings us the ownership structure and resources to grow assertively and expand our market share in industrial MEMS sectors.”

FTC Technologies Inc. Chairman, Ric Forest said, “This acquisition and our commitment to ongoing investment in Micralyne will leverage the company’s leadership, engineering expertise and manufacturing capacity for the long-term benefit of our customers. We were attracted to the sound fundamentals of the company, its people and its strategic opportunities.”

“MEMS devices are increasingly sophisticated, as they enable breakthroughs in medical devices and miniaturized instrumentation. Micralyne’s fabrication capabilities and experience are well suited to create industry-changing product concepts like those in our portfolio,” commented Dr. John Randall, President Zyvex Labs, LLC. “We have been very pleased with both the technical skills and professionalism of the Micralyne teams that we work with. I believe the new ownership will accelerate Micralyne’s ability to meet our needs.”

Micralyne is entering a growth phase with opportunities in MEMS process development and manufacturing, expanded Foundry Plus services and the MEMS product sectors.  Among these, the company plans to extend design, package and testing capabilities to create more flexible, vertically integrated MEMS solutions. Micralyne will leverage its new MicraGEM- SiTM wafer-processing and MicraSilQTM Wafer Level Packaging methodologies to expand its fabrication of pressure sensors, optical switching devices, and accelerometers.

About Micralyne Inc. Privatized in 1998 and headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Micralyne’s diverse customer base includes innovative Fortune 100 companies and pioneering high-tech start-ups. Micralyne has a proven manufacturing track record certified to ISO9001 and ISO13485. With a rich development history, Micralyne prides itself on commercializing highly complex MEMS devices for its customers.

About FTC Technologies Inc. FTC Technologies Inc. is a privately held equity investment firm based in western Canada.


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