EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, Jun 21, 2018  – At Sensors Expo 2018- from June 26 to 28 in San Jose, California – Micralyne Inc., will be showcasing standardized MEMS process technologies that advance the speed of commercialization of emerging sensing applications. MEMS technology platforms to be presented at the event include MicraMOx™, MicraGEM-Si™, MicraFluidic™, and MicraSilQ™.

Micralyne will be featuring MicraMOx, a MEMS process platform for highly miniaturized Metal Oxide Gas Sensors for environmental sensing applications. Localized gas sensing is critically important in industrial settings and in homes. Coupled with the Internet of Things (IoT), miniaturized gas sensors enable economical, and connected spatial and temporal environmental gas sensing. Metal oxide gas sensors have been available for many years, but they required improvements in power consumption, cost, stability, and gas selectivity. Mr. Collin Twanow, Vice President of Technology at Micralyne, will introduce this platform at the Sensors Live Theater on June 27th at 12:30 PM. Mr. Twanow’s presentation will detail the fabrication process, design options, and reference design results for this new platform.

The MicraGEM-Si platform is a set of standardized MEMS processes for optical applications. This platform can be used to develop a range of MEMS based optical devices such as micro-mirrors, optical switches, and bio-sensors. Micro-mirrors are increasingly being considered for perception sensing in numerous third generation optical applications – such as autonomous vehicles, advanced robotics, gesture recognition, etc. Paul Pickering, Micralyne’s Vice President of Business Development & CRO will be sharing his insights on micro-mirrors in a presentation titled “Micro-Mirrors Reflecting Brightly on New Sensing Applications” during Sensors Expo’s preconference symposium on “MEMS and Sensor Technologies Coming to an IoT Solution Near You”.

The MicraFluidics platform uses a versatile set of standardized microfluidic processes featuring a variety of substrate options for biomedical customers such as silicon, glass and silicon-on-insulator (SOI). Design flexibility enables multi-level channels, electrode patterning for dielectrophoresis and embedded sensors, and choice of glass or silicon as input and output ports. Micralyne has validated this highly functional technology in a wide range of devices such as: flow cells, biochips, lab-on-a-chip, cell sorters, separation and analysis devices, and high-pressure analytical chips.

The MicraSilQ wafer level packaging (WLP) process platform for MEMS devices provides an all-in-one customer solution integrating wafer level fabrication, hermetic packaging and includes a through-silicon-via (TSV) architecture. The MicraSilQ process platform reduces initial development cost, ultimate manufacturing component cost, footprint, thickness and weight, while simultaneously providing improved electrical performance, reliability, and extensibility into 3D IC designs.

Micralyne’s MEMS Technology Platforms provide a modular approach to MEMS design and enable fast prototyping with semi-custom device implementations, and rapid manufacturing ramp-up while maintaining product quality and consistency. Micralyne started providing standard processes and MEMS building blocks in 2006 with an effort to lower MEMS development costs and accelerate MEMS time-to-market for customers. Micralyne’s technology platform offerings include a process design kit (PDK), design guides, CAD models and device calculators (for critical parameters).

Micralyne will be exhibiting these platforms and other offerings at Sensors Expo & Conference – the largest showcase of advanced sensing technologies, June 26-28, 2018 at Booth 545. Our representatives will be available to meet with interested parties at the conference to discuss your MEMS and Sensors manufacturing needs.

Please visit www.micralyne.comfor additional contact information or to arrange a meeting.

About Micralyne Inc.

Micralyne is one of the world’s leading independent developers and manufacturers of MEMS and micro-fabricated products. Serving the worldwide growth in sensor applications, Micralyne is a key provider of MEMS sensors and other microstructures that differentiate exciting applications such as IoT devices, medical technologies and optical communications.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Micralyne’s diverse customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, mid-range industrial and biomedical companies, and pioneering high-tech start-ups. With a proven manufacturing track record and a rich development history, Micralyne commercializes complex MEMS devices to enable the intelligence and interactivity of its customers’ products.

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Metal Oxide Gas Sensor with integrated micro hotplate, 1mm x1mm die size

Metal Oxide Gas Sensor chips


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