Micralyne’s Leadership team is guided by Board Members with prior experiences and track records in transitioning high technology companies to the growth phase, drawn from semiconductor, private equity and venture capital backgrounds. They each bring strong C-level executive experience and track records in the technology sector.

Neil Vasant


Neil Vasant is Chairman and has been a Board Member at Micralyne since February 2015. He is a Silicon Valley-based angel investor and company advisor to startups. He is currently active in the FinTech and BioMedical/Health Care sectors. Neil has an extended technology sector career as CEO and Board Member in three private companies, two sold via acquisitions by public companies. Neil was also a Founding General Partner in Lucent Venture Partners LLC for 13 years, during which he funded 14 early stage companies in the Software and Semiconductor sectors, with five exits over $200 million each, all via acquisitions. His early career included several New Business Development responsibilities in the Data Center and Telecom sectors in Europe and Asia, including Corporate Spinoffs, at AT&T and Lucent Technologies.

Ric Forest

Ric Forest has been Board Member of Micralyne since February 2015. He is an investor in several high tech companies and a real estate developer. Ric was the owner of the Forest Company, which he grew over a 22-year period whereupon it was purchased by PCL Construction. Ric ran the combined operations at a local level, and over a seven-year period rose to become President, Western Canadian Buildings. During that period, the firm built many high tech facilities including the National Institute for Nanotechnolgy, along with all the new Engineering and Science facilities at the University of Alberta. Ric also built the Micralyne facility and clean room. He currently sits on three Boards including a private equity firm. He has been involved at the Board level in both industry and community organizations including Chairman of Caritas during the merger of the Misericordia, Grey Nuns and General Hospitals.

Nicole Forest

Nicole Forest has been a Board Member of Micralyne since February 2015. She manages a real estate development and property management company which holds her own commercial real estate portfolio and also manages the properties of third parties, including retail, office, and industrial buildings and commercial condominiums. Over the years, she has developed software for commercial property management used by several municipalities and organizations. She has also sat on several Boards for community organizations.

Ken Brizel

Ken Brizel has been a Board Member of Micralyne since February 2015. He brings over 20 years of experience in managing high technology organizations, with global experience including US, Europe and Asia operations and in organizations with annual revenues over $100 million. Currently, he serves as CEO of ACAMP (Alberta Centre of Advanced MNT Products). Ken’s previous responsibilities include CEO of LightPath Technologies (a NASDAQ public company), Senior VP for Strategy and Business Development at Oplink Communications, Director of Strategic Marketing and the DSP Business Unit for AT&T/Lucent Microelectronics and senior management positions at GE/RCA and Star Semiconductor, a start-up.

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