Teledyne Micralyne Inc. is internationally recognized for its unique design and fabrication in Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, with over 30 years of experience and business. Teledyne Micralyne is leading today’s cutting edge MEMS technology in Canada.

Company Operation Name: Teledyne Micralyne Inc.

Business Address and Work Location: 1911 94th Street, Edmonton, AB Canada T6N 1E6

Job Title:  Senior Process Engineer – Lithography

Job Description: You will own and be accountable for specific design, development and integration projects for MEMS devices from architecture to production release.  You will take ownership of the next generation device design architectures and specifications.

Job duties:

  • Provide technical and supervisory support to staff in order to meet process module objectives;
  • Lead the integration of the new lithography process into overall product fabrication, including extensive characterization to provide a robust manufacturable process that is ready for product qualification and transfer to manufacturing;
  • Accountable for lithography process, development and integration of MEMS devices from design to volume manufacturing;
  • Maintain and identify improvement opportunities in lithography;
  • Drive process and product lithography processes and their documentation, maintain a catalogue of equipment and standard procedures;
  • Generate, review and approve lithography processes and their documentation, maintain a catalogue of equipment and standard procedures;
  • Review and disposition of non-conformance events originating within the lithography module;
  • Work within a team to move products through Teledyne Micralyne’s product quality planning;
  • Take ownership of the next generation of modules, architecture and design specifications;
  • Work with the product engineering group to identify any weakness or mismatch between process and product performance;
  • Supervise assigned employees for maximum productivity, periodizing projects, ensure focus;
  • Cross-train employees within the module to promote the development of technical skills;
  • Help identify staffing needs; and,
  • Executive and drive compliance with ISO 9001-2000 and maintain local safety regulations, as well as providing support for resolution of safety issues

Number of Positions: One.

Reports To: Process Engineering Manager

Type of Employment: Permanent Full Time (37.5 hours per week)

Salary: Yearly Salary Range $84,000 to $90,000 per year based on experience

Benefits: Upon successful completion of 3 month probationary period you will be eligible for company benefits including  disability benefits, medical benefits, dental benefits, group insurance benefits, life insurance benefits, vision care benefits

Education Required: Bachelor’s in Engineering (computer, electrical or equivalent).

Language of Work: English

• 10 Years in lithography process and production
• 8 Years in technical related field and micro fabrication
• 3 Years in project management and management skills
• Experience with MEMS, semiconductors layout tools, key lithography tools, stepper/scanner exposure system, and critical dimension tool

Job posting # 20200915

Posting Expiry Date October 16, 2020

Points of Contact:
Erin Robinson, Human Resources Coordinator

Phone: 780-431-4411 extension 2272
Fax: 780-431-4422

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