MEMS Spatial Light Modulators using Surface Micromachining 

Surface micromachining has become increasingly popular in numerous electro-optical applications, where high-speed and high resolution are mandatory. Diffraction gratings are among the most commonly used optical elements in a wide range of applications ranging from digital printing, laser marking, spectroscopy, metrology, and numerous other emerging applications where precise manipulation of light is required. 3D-imaging applications such as LiDAR, structured illumination in Time-Of-Flight cameras can also benefit from this technology.

Download our whitepaper on applications of surface micromachining to learn more about:

  • MEMS structures for optical applications
  • Spatial Light Valves – a high-speed, high-performance MEMS based tunable spatial light modulator
  • Blazed gratings
  • Surface Micromachined High-Speed Resonators – MEMS resonators have been proposed as promising platforms for high-throughput and label-free diagnosis of multiple biomarkers
  • Read our first whitepaper in the series to learn more about surface micromachining processes and techniques

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